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Tascam TH-300X

₪525.00 ₪380.00

Manufacturer: Tascam

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Product Information

TASCAM™s TH-300X provides the clear, uncolored sound that musicians demand in the studio, while providing plenty of power handling and isolation for tracking and live use. The closed-back design isolates the musician, preventing microphone bleed and feedback. The plush leatherette ear pads and adjustable headband make the TH-300X comfortable enough for hours of wear.

No matter how soft or loud you monitor, the TH-300X can handle plenty of power without distortion. The large-diameter drivers provide plenty of bass response, with treble that™s accurate without being harsh for extended recording sessions. The included 1/8-to-1/4 adapter makes them compatible with consumer or professional gear, and gold-plated connectors won™t corrode and crackle after a few years of use.

Product Code: TAS7F0N717


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